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Structured Innovation

Structured Innovation is a process where problems are solved with unique solutions; ‘ideas’ that become embodied into a product or service that drive value for both the customer and the producer. Structure does not mean lack of agility, but simply includes critical end points to assess developments to meet an innovation opportunity. The Structured Innovation Process ‘DICE™’,

Define, Ideate, Conceptualise Evaluate (DICE™),

is used to create concepts rapidly to meet a new need.


We offer a 5-day training course on Structured Innovation, incorporating tool sets to drive your innovation initiative forward, and facilitate workshop events that will assist your organisation in delivering breakthrough concepts.

PPAP -Product Part Approval Process

PPAP is part of the Advanced Product Quality Planning process which has become the new standard for automotive, aerospace, and power industrial applications in the product & process design and development arenas.

Structured Methods provides PPAP training and assist organizations to prepare for various PPAP (Level 1 to Level 5 )submissions. 

Design for Six Sigma

Once we have derived sound concepts from the DICETM methodology, we convert them into products that drive value for our customers. Value attracts customers, quality earns respect and innovation differentiates one product from another.


Actively building these items into a product development process in order to drive it, [DC1] provides a vital way to ensure product success. This is fundamental to Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). DFSS provides a systematic method to build important customer requirements into all related aspects of the product development process that can be measured, verified and optimised.


DFSS ensures that key performance characteristics are incorporated into product manufacturing and development processes. Manufacturing and development processes can then be optimised to meet these customer requirements using specific and quantifiable metrics. Customers[DC2]  can also manage quality levels against a specific budget. DFSS is therefore able to provide a rigorous methodology to further ensure planned product excellence.


We offer a DFSS certification programme that includes the following:


  • 5-day training programme

  • A written examination to test candidates’ understanding

Submission of a DFSS project, to show application of the tools

 [DC1]Meaning not clear

 [DC2]Whose customers? Yours or those of other buzinesses?

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