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are you serious about improving your business?

At Structured Methods, we’re here to transform your business by making sure your products and services are efficient, yet innovative to meet your customers' needs. 

We’re experts in improving performance, design, and innovation, and passionate about providing specialist solutions, delivering radical results for companies that are striving for excellence.

Drawing on our unique blend of hands-on industry experience and proven consultancy expertise, our team will work with you to:

• Improve customer satisfaction
• Increase profits and efficiency
•Identify new potential revenue streams
• Build Internal Capability


Our team will work with
you to:

• Improve customer satisfaction
• Increase profits and efficiency
• Build Internal Capability

We are proud of our track record running projects internationally. Our specialist team helps organizations to identify and deliver substantial savings. We’re extremely experienced in successfully applying improvement techniques to a wide range of processes, challenges, and sectors,
with our Structured Methods including:

• Lean Six Sigma
• Design for Six Sigma
• Innovation

are you serious about

improving your business


who is SM?

We are a niche consulting organization that makes use of “Structured Methods” to build internal capability.


Systematization has tremendous benefits in building organizational capability and this has been proven in history. Whether its structured productivity, structured quality, structured innovation or structured design, the systematization creates a common language adding significant value to the individual as well as the organization.

We’ll give you sufficient structure to build critical mass and get your improvement initiatives going!

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